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Community Testimonials

"Hand sanitiser – 24 hours protection – kills 99.99% of germs – gentle on skin and safe for the whole family. Perfect for crazy obsessed cleaning nicu mums like myself.

First thing we do every morning.

I use microbe shield for everything in the house pretty much.

Justin called me obsessed...I call it keeping my family healthy and safe" 


"I just thought I'd get in touch to say how much I love the foaming hand sanitizer. I live in a residential college and with a recent outbreak of Gastro, I was on the hunt for a good hand sanitizer to keep myself clean and prevent getting the bug. My Granny gave me some hand sanitizer and all I can say is wow. Not only have I not gotten sick but I also have been using it on my armpits as I get bad acne under my arms....and almost overnight it was reduced by half and after a week's use, I now have no more underarm acne. As this was an insecurity of mine, I was so shocked that hand sanitizer could clear up my acne I have had for the last 3 years! 

Once again, I can't stress how amazing this product is and I have been recommending it to all my friends at my residential college as I swear it changes the hand sanitizer game!"



"First I bought some spray, and some foam.  My husband is in Care and had been having many problems with bladder infections caused in the main by Pseudomonas.  So I sprayed his ensuite….bed and chair whenever I had the opportunity.  I also encouraged the staff to use the foam after attending to his needs… point in spreading the infection throughout the complex.

I will admit I was reasonably surprised by the result.  He was more alert, communicating better, and even moving out of his chair to go to the dining room or toilet.  I would say an 85% improvement.

The bathmat gets a black disgusting ….something….so that also gets the treatment… looking much cleaner."




"Best cold-prevention thing I've been sent this season (and believe me, I get a lot of supplements)"

Nikki Bezzant, Editor-at-Large, Healthy Food Guide





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